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Cassandra Carolan (Of Cassandra And The Knighthawks Band) was a featured guest on Ron Carson's "Let's Talk" show on WSBS radio.


Read Ron's article on HERE.

Jimi Bell, Bobby "T" Torello, Paul Gabriel, Scott Spray, and Vic Steffens.were inducted into

the New England Music Hall Of Fame, on March 28, 2021 at Horizon Studio, West Haven, CT. 

Cassandra Carolan (Of Cassandra And The Knighthawks) was invited to participate in the event, as a vocalist in the chorus. The event and performances were video recorded for a feature documentary soon to be released. 


Other performers in attendance: Kay Bauer. Steve CioppaHeather JosephRyan Newman. Ryan O'Shaughnessy. Kathy Steahle.

"... You guys put on a hell of a show!" ~ Thomas R.

"Great job! YESS!" ~ Fred F.

"Got me rockin..." - Judith B.

"Soundin' good...!! Bluesy & raspy.

Nice crisp vocals!!!" ~ Kenneth A.

"Thank you!!! You made my day!!!! You

put such heart and soul into the song.. "

~ Kelly C

"Wow! Just wow! Absolutely beautiful!!

You nailed it!!! Loved it." ~ Allie G.

"One of my favorites. You do it justice..." ~ Renee L.

"You are soo good!" ~ Helen C. L.

"ENCORE" ~ Bridget D.

"I'm thinking summer party with

your band!! Love it!" ~ Sabrina G.

"WOW...just WOW...SING IT GIRL...That

was just awesome, thank you."

~ Roland F.

"One of my favorite songs... you certainly

did a terrific job on it...!" ~ Anthony M.

"Love the groove you put on that." ~ Greg G.

"Thank you! Gorgeous voice" ~ Julie T. B.

"Your voice is truly amazing & unique..." ~ Debbie. R. 

"Just fantastic! Great growl and

such a sweet voice." ~ Henry J.

"Well done... You almost made me

cry... Very touching." ~ Kelly C. 

"You are such a pick-me-up! Got me dancing" ~ Barbi R-F.

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